Subterra Civil partnered with Assignar to enhance operations capability, and increase productivity

Jun 15, 2022News

In recent years, Subterra Civil has gone from strength to strength, working on some of the largest stormwater drainage and FRP projects in Sydney including the Western Sydney Airport. As with all rapid growth, the need to digitise and improve both operations and field communication becomes vital. To remain both competitive and on top of all communication, we partnered with Assignar to help digitise our operational requirements.

Operations and digital processes are the foundation for continued growth

Subterra Civil, established by Christopher Noone and Patrick Joyce in 2015 to provide comprehensive and skilled stormwater drainage and civil construction services throughout Sydney. 

Subterra Civil pride ourselves on being an innovative company, always searching for systems, processes and ways that will continue to support our growth, and create efficiencies across operations.

“To stay relevant in the construction industry, we realised we required an operational platform. Going digital is the way forward, adopting technology allows us to remain competitive. Subterra will benefit from the seamless field to office communication that Assignar will enable. Prior to partnering, we used paper timesheets, word documents, and other spreadsheets to manage our staff, and we faced the issue of losing track of the information.”

Chris Noone, Director.

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