Schofields Road Upgrade Stage 3

Upgrading South Street.
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BMD Construction


North West Sydney


July 2016 - February 2018

Following the opening of the Schofields Road Upgrade – Stage 3 project on June 28, 2018, a significant road infrastructure upgrade project in Sydney’s North West Growth Area is now complete.

The project’s successful rescheduling avoided lengthy road closures, enabling for the early building of the last bridge at Bells Creek, taking advantage of the dry season and reducing programme pressure.

In Schofields, Western Sydney, the finished project offered a flood-free road from Richmond Road to Veron Road across Bells and Eastern creeks. Prior to the renovation, the route was prone to flooding, resulting in traffic closures even during moderate rainstorms.

The project’s scope of work included a 2.5-kilometer upgrade to increase Schofields Road from Veron Road to Richmond Road to four lanes, with the option to widen to six lanes in the future. To enhance traffic flow, dedicated pedestrian and cycling routes have been erected on both sides of the road, as well as bus bays and bus priority lanes at significant crossings.

Stormwater Drainage Work:

Contracted to BMD Group (BMD) , Subterra Civil embarked on a large-scale drainage section for the Schofield/South Street Project.

The project’s scope of work involved a 2.5 kilometre upgrade to extend Schofields Road to four lanes from Veron Road, across Eastern Creek to Richmond Road, with the capacity to widen to six lanes in the future.

Subterra successfully installed

  • 4.2km of Stormwater Drainage ranging in sizes from 225mm to 675mm
  • 215 Pits
  • 38 Headwalls.

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