WSIA Landside Civil & Building Works Project

Earthworks, FRP and drainage
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Aerowest - Seymour Whyte Constructions & BMD Constructions JV


Western Sydney International Airport


28 Months

The WSIA Landside Civil & Building Works Package will include the design and construction of the airport’s landside facilities including earthworks and drainage, a road network including connections to the terminal precinct, ground transport facilities, active transport connections, ancillary facilities for aviation support functions, public utility networks, integrated communication systems, landscaping, way finding and signage.

The scope that applies to the Landside Civil & Building (LCB) Works contract is as listed below:

  • Ancillary facilities for aviation, support function, including airport operations, emergency operations, maintenance, airfield access gates, and waste management,
  • Ground transport and cycleway network, including connections to the terminal precinct, facilities within the site, M12 Motorway and Elizabeth Drive,
  • A road network in the north-east area of the Airport site, including connections to the terminal precinct, facilities within the site, M12 Motorway, and Elizabeth Drive.
  • Ground transport operation facilities, including carparks, electric vehicle charging stations, and a holding area for point-to-point transport services;
  • Sitewide Systems, including elements of audio-visual monitors, building and infrastructure systems, electronic security systems, network and telecommunication systems, and parking management systems;
  • Landscaping, including placement of final level topsoil and planting; and
  • Wayfinding and signage for roads and facilities in the Site.
  • Stormwater drainage, including connection to the trunk drainage systems installed as part of the BEC Works and by other Project Contractors;
  • Sitewide Services, including trunk main networks within the Site for potable water, recycled water, wastewater and gas network, as well as the reticulation of LV power to facilities within the site;
  • Enabling infrastructure within the Site for HV power and the ICN, which includes the FOCB;

Subterra Scope:

Trunk Drainage:

  • Detailed excavation using GPS modelling to reduce over excavation and select materials
  • Install over 3km of large diameter Reinforced Concrete Pipes 1650mm diameter and 1800mm Diameter
  • CCTV inspection and reports

FRP – Drainage

  • Form, Reo, Pour works for large diameter pipes on trunk drainage lines

Road Drainage

  • Excavate lay and backfill over 15km of pavement drainage in future access roads, main roads, car parks for Landside areas in WSI airport
  • Install 880 pre cast pits and headwalls 
  • CCTV inspection and reports

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