The Northern Road Stage 2

Northern and Bringelly Road Upgrades.
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Lend Lease Engineering




December 2017 - August 2020

In November 2017 Subterra Civil were awarded the contract by Lend Lease Engineering to install the stormwater drainage package between Peter Brock Drive, Oran park and Mersey Rd, Bringelly. The project ran from December 2017 to August 2020. 

The Stage 2 upgrade resulted in new and upgraded roadways in the region, allowing the community to take advantage of the economic benefits of the Western Sydney Airport in Badgerys Creek. In the future, these will improve safety, boost road capacity, and minimise traffic congestion and travel times.

The Northern Road project spans 11.3 kilometres between Peter Brock Drive in Oran Park and Mersey Road in Bringelly, including a new interchange at the Northern Road and Bringelly Road intersection. Between King Street in Rossmore and The Northern Road in Bringelly, the second section of the Bringelly Road project spans roughly 4.3 kilometres.

Stormwater Drainage & Electrical Work:

The package awarded to Subterra Civil consisted of  32km of stormwater drainage pipes and precast pits. including 25 transverse drainage crossings consisting of triple and quad barrel 750mm – 1200mm pipes and pavement drainage consisting of 375mm – 1200mm pipes.  

At the height of the works Subterra Civil ran 5 drainage crews with 8 Excavators 13T-35T consistently installing stormwater pipes and keeping ahead of the program.

Subterra Civil also installed ITS conduits, Water Main Crossings and supplied Plant Hire and Labour as required by the main contractor.

  • ITS installation, The Northern rd/Bringelly Rd interchange
  • Transverse crossing C05.41A 3×750
  • Transverse Crossing 4×900
  • Transverse Crossing 4×750
  • Transverse Crossing 4×1200 – First pipeline laid on site Dec2017
  • Transverse Crossing 3×900
  • Transverse 2×1500
  • Pavement drainage under Bringelly interchange
  • Pavement Drainage
  • Loading Trucks
  • Pipe cutting set up
  • Pavement Drainage

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